Little pebbles

Little pebbles

These pebbles I hold in my hand;
Our inheritance,
Your covenant with us.
Your message that we still belong
And partake in the beauty of this world.

For millennia, my ancestors sat on these shores
And gazed out on these horizons.
Beside us, you sat;
Ever present and speaking to us
As we were softly listening.

You spoke of a love as great as the sky;
You spoke of the presence that weaves all moments as one.
You told us that we are together
In ways that transcend our understandings;
You told us that we are free.

Little pebbles, meek messengers of the divine,
You sit and offer who you are,
It is we who decide whether to sit with you.
You call us back to that timeless time;
Beyond the end,
And before the beginning.

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