Day 15 of 40: Adolescence

Day 15 of 40: Adolescence

The joyful immediacy of childhood recedes;
The water level drops and the river runs dry.
Anxieties of purpose and task cloud the mind:
The simple beauty before the eyes
No longer registers.

The deep interior of the soul, a chasm beneath the feet,
Where once the ground stood.
Endless corridors of reflection beckon
Where a person is lost for seconds, minutes, hours, days
Where people lose close their whole lives.

Panicked, they run here and there
To look for what is lost
The more they run, the more they lose it
Truth be told, they’ve lost nothing whatsoever
Save for their simple innocence.

At low tide, I hurry along the riverbank
Laden with luggage, and heavier still with thoughts and with plans
A man sits ahead on a bench, looking out at river and sky;
I turn a moment to take in the scene.

Two men watch the river and sky:
Nothing is gained, much is lost;
Much that served no purpose
But to laden the soul
And to cloud the simple innocence laid before the eyes.

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