Day 19 of 40: Luna

Day 19 of 40: Luna

Still, pure air.
A night vibrant with promise;
The expansiveness of the silence.
Music drifts from beneath doorways,
Barely audible, as if from some distant dream.

On the hilltop, the crowning glory awaits.
I clamber up the slope in anticipation,
Bathed in brilliant light.
Above me in the heavens,
Hangs a great white orb, wrapped in a golden halo.

Out of the depths of the night
A girl giggles, smitten in love.
Below us, the town, a sea of shimmering fire.
In the deep mystery of this unknowing stillness,
Anything seems possible.

My heart turns and yields to this taste of rapture,
Yet still I struggle to find peace
With one so close and yet so far away.
My heart could never be for you
Although I dearly longed for it to be so.

I plunge head first into this deepest and coolest of nights;
My senses tingle with the scents of promise.
Up ahead, you watch over me patiently,
Sweet Luna:
A brilliant, naked flower, blooming unrequited in the thundering silence of this night.

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