Day 21 of 40: Gratitude

Day 21 of 40: Gratitude

Grateful for this simple goodness
This will not to wage war
When voices press for vengeance.

Grateful for this beating human heart
That loves, hurts, breaks and grows;
Its gifts are sublime.

Grateful for fellow travellers
Who never cease to surprise
In the depth of their stories and the unseen richness of their characters.

Grateful for these eyes
That see beauty in realms visible and invisible
Communicating a vision of what is precious and what is possible.

Grateful for Mother Earth
Who ceaselessly offers beauty, vitality and inspiration;
Every moment of our life, we owe to her.

Grateful for the mystery of love and wisdom
Beacons shining out across all generations and throughout space
Calling deep inside for us to put down our burdens and be free.

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