Nature: A brief communication

Nature: A brief communication

I go into the forest,
Hands contorting, yearning for the sky;
Body writhing, tongue twisting.
Like a lost child or a forlorn lover
I ask the trees and the dirt and the musky brown earth,
“How can I be with you?
How can I stay with you?”

I kneel in longing and prayer for some time
The burning in my chest —
Longing for an answer.
Silence reigns
And I wonder if today is not the day.

Then a moment of tender intimacy strikes
And the wind whispers in my ear,
“I am here for you, in you,
In so many ways!
I support you wherever you go,
From cradle to grave, throughout your days!”

Seeking the Beloved, I am found.
It is not we who must reach out and touch God,
But surrendering in grace, we fall in trust
Into the embrace of the limitless ground.

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