Sacred seeds

Sacred seeds

I don’t want to neglect you, Mother;
I want to revere you, Brother.
Sing this song of sadness
That’s rising in my soul.

The violence has gone on too long —
Where’s it coming from?
We say it’s too hard;
We say we’re not strong;
But really we’re just absent,
Condoning what’s wrong.

This thread it runs subtle and deep,
Somehow so hard to keep
This flame from turning cold to ash;
As sacred Earth becomes mountains of trash.

We fight now or never;
Alone or together!
Don’t fool yourself no more;
Don’t go back to sleep.

Just keep that quiet voice there —
That whisper of concern, of care:
Let it grow, let it unfold
As you lovingly hold
And guard a sacred space within,
Embracing all life as kin.

For now has come our time to flower;
In daylight and at midnight hour:
Like wildflowers at the break of day,
Like moonbeams that on ocean play.

In Earth we trust: her beauty glows
Out from the eyes of those who know.
Their hearts flow from the ancient spring;
They gift us love, sweet offerings.

Now you must take your place there too;
Walk on that path so old, yet new.
Sow sacred seeds upon the ground
That spring from soul, from Earth profound.

So let’s sow sacred seeds
That spring from the deep.
Right here, right now,
Just trust:
You know what to do.

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