Poetry & perspective on life and nature

How can we relate more deeply to nature, both inside and outside of us?

What is our place in the community of life and in the universe as human beings?

How can we come to understand our place better without falling into a narrow perspective, or ungrounded idealism and speculation?

How can we live in harmony within the natural cycles, limits and laws of the Earth, while still expressing the depth of our human creativity, drive and freedom?

How can we express our nature with the same unrelenting, sustained abundance that we see in the natural world?

A minor rant about Life, the Universe and Everything

Nature expresses herself with a harmony and vitality of which we have only the barest intellectual understanding and of which we know even less at an experiential, embodied level. Modern civilisation has become increasingly divorced from the life-sustaining cycles and rhythms of nature. From this confusion and neglect, the ecological crisis has emerged, threatening our continued existence on Earth.

Alongside this, there is a pervasive sense of alienation and disconnection from our place in the dance of life which stretches far beyond our limited lifetimes. Our horizons and our minds have become smaller and more fixated on the human world alone, marvelling at human dramas, human culture, and human technology. We amuse ourselves with preoccupations and fantasies of where these things might lead us in the future, while neglecting the richness of the more-than-human world that has much to teach us still. We lose our way and risk losing our beautiful planet Earth, lost in our fabricated stories, artefacts and visions.

This blog is a record of my fumbling attempts to reflect on these issues, in order to offer inspiration, new perspectives, and helpful resources to those who are interested in walking a similar path.

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